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Osteo Academy

The Osteo Academy

Osteopathy in Wiltshire

To be competent, confident and effective at spinal manipulations takes a considerable amount of time and is certainly not achieved in one weekend. Manipulation is not an easy skill to master and requires supervised practice with ongoing feedback. Only in this way can you fine tune your palpatory and fine motor skills. The courses are designed to run over a three month period to allow enough time to develop these skills and ensure we have the time to not just demonstrate the skills but, to give you ample practice to refine each technique.

This will be followed with individual feedback and if necessary, further opportunity to go over techniques again and again during each week of the course.

We firmly believe that this is the best way to learn manipulation and we have designed this structured learning pathway to achieve this goal.

on all our courses you will get

  • A teacher student ratio of 4:1 or higher
  • A highly skilled team of tutors that have taught at university and post-graduate level
  • Continuous ongoing assessment to ensure you progress at the required rate
  • An absolute maximum of 10 students to any session
  • Continued professional support throughout your course and for your own future development

Courses that are currently running:

  • Spinal Manipulation 1 ( 4 month structured learning pathway)
  • Cervical & Thoracic Manipulation
  • Lumbar spine & Pelvic Manipulation
  • Treatment aproach to Maternaty & Paediatric Patients
  • Cranial & Functinal Techniques

Our course is designed to ensure that on completion you are proficient in spinal manipulations and know when, and when not, to use manipulation so as to ensure excellent patient outcomes.

During this course you will cover

  • Spinal anatomy
  • Spinal bio-mechanics
  • Contraindications
  • Segmental assessment
  • Advanced multi-vector mobilisations/articulations
  • Manipulations

Taught over 3 months on alternate weekends with a maximum of 4 participants to a tutor.